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Netron releases Hotfix 3 for Netron Fusion 3.5.1 PDF Print E-mail

Netron announces the release of Hotfix #3 for Netron Fusion 3.5.1.  This release contains enhancements and fixes for the Netron Processor and the Build Utility, as well as fixes to the Windows Client/Server framework.

Hotfix #3 incorporates the fixes in Hotfixes #1 and #2, and supersedes them. It can be applied to Netron Fusion 3.5.1 installations that have had either, both or none of these prior Hotfixes applied, and does not require either of the older hotfixes as prerequisites.

These enhancements and fixes are fully tested. They will be included in any future fixpack or full release for Netron Fusion, but are being made available immediately via this Hotfix distribution.

Hotfixes are shipped as MSI Patch files and have an extension of .MSP. MSP files have the requirement that you have already installed the full Netron Fusion 3.5.1 product using the MSI installer.

Netron provides two .MSP files: one for customers using stand-alone licensing and one for customers using FLEX License Management Servers for Server-managed floating licenses. Since some of the hotfixes relate to the FLEX license manager, they are only available in the FLEX version of the MSP installer.

To download Hotfix #3

You can download the appropriate .MSP file from this page (you will first need to login with your Customer Support ID).

You can read about the contents of Hotfixes 1 and 2 here.

Contents of Hotfix #3:

Enhancements and fixes to Netron Processor (Nproc.exe)

An earlier enhancement to the comment handling of Netron Processor had the side effect of commenting out all executable lines in JCL. This has been fixed.

The Netron Processor's '-k' parameter, used to preserve columns 1-7 and 73-80 of input ANSI-format SPCs and frames, has been enhanced:

  • -ks will preserve columns 1-6 (the sequence number area) only; columns 73-80 will be filled with the filename.
  • -km will preserve columns 73-80 (the modification code area) only; columns 1-6 will be filled with the line number of the current open frame or SPC.

The easiest way to turn on these features is by editing the Program Construction Frame (.pcf) file associated with the SPC, using the Netron Build Utility, which has been enhanced to support the new parameters; see the entry below for details.

Enhancements and fixes to Netron Build Utility (Fbuild.exe)

The NPROC panel of the Netron Build Utility has been enhanced to support the two new Netron Processor parameters, '-ks' and '-km'.

To enable these new features, do the following from the Netron Fusion Workplace:

  1. Start up the Netron Build Utility by clicking on the Lightning Bolt toolbar button in the workplace; then select File->Open and navigate to the .pcf file you wish to edit and click Open; then select File->Parameters.

  2. In the Netron Fusion workplace, right-click on the .pcf file you wish to edit and select "Change Fusion Build Settings" from the pop-up menu.
  3. In the "Build Properties" dialog, click on the NPROC tab.
  4. Click the "Keep columns from ANSI input:" checkbox. This enables the radio buttons below; click on your chosen column range: 1-6, 73-80, or both.
  5. Click on the OK button to return to the Build Utility main dialog, then save the file and exit.

In addition, the build frame BNproc.j has been modified to support the new parameters. If you use a customized version of this frame, be sure to save a copy of it, then use SlickEdit's File Difference function to merge the new features into your customized version. Note that the new parameters won't take effect in Netron Builds until BNproc.j has been updated.

Enhancements and fixes to Netron Frames

Plupr.f, a frame for Windows Graphical Program support, was mistakenly omitted in the full release. It helps manage program-specific profile information in the Windows Registry under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ key. This frame will only be installed if you purchased the optional Windows Graphical Applications support when you obtained Netron Fusion. The .msp installer knows which options you purchased.

Fixes for Windows Graphical Client/Server Single Table Maintenance framework

The support frames for this framework were mistakenly omitted from the full release. They had also not been updated to account for changes in Netron Fusion Data Manager for the 3.5.1 release. This Hotfix contains the missing frames and the updated framework files. These files will only be added if you purchased the optional Windows Graphical Applications support.

Missing frames in \Fusion35site\frames:

  • cobolpic.f
  • dataaces.f
  • datadef.f
  • dataims.f
  • datasql.f
  • datavsam.f
  • fdbdt.f
  • fsql.f
  • fsqlwh.f
  • gefile.f
  • movecorr.f
  • record.f

Updated files in \Fusion35site\frames:

  • activity.fdb
  • customer_contact.fdb

Updated files in \Fusion35site\frameworks\ClientServerMaintenance\:

  • client.s
  • server.s
Upgrading License Manager from v11.10 to v11.12.1.1 PDF Print E-mail

License Manager 11.10 is being replaced by due to a possible limited vulnerability to the so-called "Heartbleed" bug.  Note that if you do not run your license server on a network that's accessed from the Internet, you may not need to install this update.  

This article walks you through the steps to upgrade your License Manager server.  Read it carefully and completely before proceeding.  These instructions should only be used to upgrade from 11.10 while migrating the settings and licence keys.  For a completely new installation of v11.12.1.1, follow the License Manager installation instructions given in the Netron Fusion release notes.

Netron releases Hotfix 2 for Netron Fusion 3.5.1 PDF Print E-mail

November 2010

This Hotfix contains improvements to the Screen and Report editors, as well as improvements to Windows 7 support and Terminal Server support. 

Netron releases Fixpack 1 for Netron Fusion 3.5 PDF Print E-mail

This fixpack incorporates several important enhancements for Netron Fusion 3.5:

  • Support for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Terminal Server 2008

  • SlickEdit editor has been updated to version 13

  • Support for concurrent (server-based) licensing as well as the usual per-workstation licensing

  • Improved Support for Micro Focus Mainframe Express v3.1

  • Enhancements and fixes to the Screen and Report Editors, the Fusion Build Utility, the Fusion Wizard and the Frame Tree Utility, among other changes

Fixpack 1 can be obtained in two formats:

  1. As an .MSI Full Installer incorporating Netron Fusion 3.5. This version is the only one that supports Windows 7, Vista and Server 2008.
  2. As a patch to update an existing Netron Fusion 3.5 install.This installer is intended only for in-place upgrades to existing Fusion 3.5 installs running on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

This fixpack is available at no charge to all Netron Fusion users who are up-to-date on product support. To obtain your copy, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Details on the Fixpack contents are listed below.
PDF Print E-mail

Announcing Netron Fusion™ 3.5

May 20, 2008

 Netron is pleased to announce the release of Netron Fusion™ 3.5, the premier solution for creating enterprise-class adaptable software. Available on June 16, 2008, with the CD release scheduled for June 30, 2008, our latest full product release for Windows Vista®, Windows® XP Professional and Windows 2000 focuses on incorporation of SlickEdit® 2007 with special customizations which enhance the development and maintenance of Netron Fusion programs; improved DB2, CICS and z/OS support, improved ease-of-use; and improved support for third-party tools. Most of the enhancements and fixes have been driven by requests from you — our customers.