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Executive Summary: Independent Study of Software Reuse Using Frame Technology

Beginning in July 1994, and again in 1998, QSM Associates of Pittsfield, Massachussetts undertook an independent assessment of the development cost, schedule, and quality benefits achieved by implementing systematic software reuse for application development.

Fifteen projects collected independently from 9 different organizations were analyzed. All the organizations accomplished reuse through the application of frame technology as implemented in NETRON/CAP products (the predecessor of Netron Fusion™) from Netron Inc. The specific objective was to benchmark the bottom line productivity effects across the 9 organizations and compare them against industry, identifying what patterns were present, both individually by company and for the group as a whole.

In comparing data collected from these projects with that from QSM's industry-wide database of IS productivity statistics, conclusive evidence was found that software reuse as implemented in Netron's products and practices is a superior way to engineer business applications. Not only is productivity significantly impacted, but other measures of sound software engineering such as quality, reliability, cost, and effort showed large improvements.