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Netron Hotline
One quick phone call to Netron's hotline connects you with unlimited free, in-depth technical support. A Netron professional with extensive experience using the software at customer sites answers your call. Calling or emailing the hotline gives you access to Netron's "known problem" database, assistance with configuration and migration, and access to third party vendors databases. (The hotline can be reached at 1-800-461-6392 or by sending an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .)


Free Product Upgrades
Product support entitles you to every new release of the product you have purchased. (Note that NETRON/CAP and Netron Fusion for Windows are separate products.) This includes product upgrades and new releases, maintenance releases, service packs and fixes, and new documentation.


Customer Web Site
The site you are visiting right now is designed to give you a secure place to report problems, read technical articles, search for information and answers to questions, and see up-to-date information on Netron's products.


Discounts on Education
Every other month through the year, public courses are offered at a discount to customers with current product support agreements.


Free Migration Support
You will receive instructions and individualized help when upgrading to newer versions of Netron products. This will include a list of migration issues, advice and help with setting up your new environment, and help with integration if you are also upgrading other related software.


Early Release Programs
Interested customers are eligible to receive beta versions of new releases, giving them direct access to our Research and Development department and the opportunity to influence the direction of product enhancements.