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The Workplace

This is the "home base" where developers can manage projects, organize files, launch Netron Fusion tools, and test applications. The Workplace provides a graphical, intuitive environment for managing frameworks and application components. It boasts an MDI interface that supports drag and drop, allowing files to be moved and copied easily. And it's customizable so you can set up run-time environments, Workplace settings, and file management options to suit the way you work.

Object Manager

The Object Manager is a repository that catalogs and documents reusable components. You can use the Object Manager to understand and locate the company-standard reusable software you need to develop applications. Object Manager also lets you incorporate components in your application and make application-specific customizations on the spot.

Data Manager

Data Manager imports existing data definitions (like Cobol file layouts and DDL) and generates data definition objects that are compatible with Netron Fusion applications. This allows you to reuse meta data information implicit in your organization's databases. You can then use the generated data definition objects to fuel the code generation process, populate interfaces, etc.