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The Wizard

The Wizard provides developers with a graphical front-end to frameworks, Netron's application templates that produce a quick first cut at application generation. The Wizard prompts you for application specific information such as application name, chosen protocol, and data information. The answers provided in a Wizard session are used in conjunction with the chosen framework to generate all the components required to assemble a working application. You can even build your own application frameworks using the Wizard's extensive scripting language.

Interface Designers

Netron Fusion includes a series of editors that let you define the GUI windows and dialogs, text-based screens, and reports for whatever type of application you are building. The GUI interface designer includes all the standard controls users expect from a graphical application. You select and position the controls you want — windows, dialogs, icons, text, etc. — and then specify any validations and business logic. Netron Fusion's object-oriented technology hides all the technical complexity of designing GUI business applications, while ensuring consistent high quality.

Netron Processor and Graphical Debugger

The Netron Processor is at the heart of the component assembly process. It directs the cutting and splicing of the required frames and the insertion of unique code to construct a complete source file. The Netron Processor can be used to generate any form of text file, but typically is used to generate application source files which are compiled and linked to create a working application. Netron Processor includes a Graphical Debugger which allows you to detect processing errors in your program quickly and easily. The Debugger enables you to monitor various aspects of the assembly process so you can see exactly how your application is assembled and make fine adjustments where necessary.

Micro Focus Mainframe Express ® Integration

For customers targetting CICS Transaction Server, IMS or batch on IBM's z/OS mainframes, and who are considering re-hosting their development environments onto Windows workstations, Netron Fusion construction tools can be seamlessly integrated into the Mainframe Express development and testing environment.  The Netron Fusion Wizard will automatically populate the current Mainframe Express project with the generated Fusion source files; the Netron editors and Interface Designers are automatically invoked from Mainframe Express when a Netron source file in a project is double-clicked; and the Netron Build Process can be invoked from within Mainframe Express's build/compile facility.  The application source files generated by the Netron Processor -- whether COBOL, BMS or MFS -- are automatically submitted to the compiler or assembler. The end result of this integration is a very quick develop/compile/debug turnaround, and greater developer productivity.